Spring Break


What everyone looks forward to before the summer – “Spring Break.” What are you looking forward to doing during Spring Break? Go on vacation, stay home and chill with friends, or do nothing and sleep the whole break? This is one sign that summer is on the way and that the end of school is coming soon for all students and teachers. If there is nothing for you to do over this spring break, I have activities I could bring up that you can do if you are doing nothing. If you are going somewhere for Spring Break, I would recommend Florida, California, or Hawaii. The places my friends are going to are Houston and Florida and some of them are staying home to spend time actively with their families. The outcomes should be a great time spent away from school with their families and friends with good vibes.

Even if you are not going anywhere people still find a way to spend time with friends and family. Most people in high school are ready for school to be over with and this is the starting point to the end of the school year. During this spring break people are hoping to have a great time and experience wherever they are going or even staying home.

Josh Magassouba told me that he was going to Florida. “Going to Florida for Spring Break to spend time with family and to take a break from Maryland because there’s more things to do in Florida.” Going to Florida for Spring break is an extravagant thing to do so we will see the outcome later. At the end of his spring break, Josh had fun on his 4–5-day cruise where he met new friends and had his fun dancing on the boat.

Kyle Jones told me he’s not going anywhere. “I’m not going anywhere for spring break, but I plan to just spend time with friends and family as well as workout for basketball and find ways to grow my faith while I take time away from school.” Spending time to work on yourself is something that any person should do, and we will see the outcomes later. At the end of his spring break: “it was good all in all. I got to spend time with family, friends, and I got to work on my craft with basketball and more importantly I got to build my faith more and more throughout the week”.

Trisha Bin told me she was going to Houston. “Going to Houston to spend time with my mom, sister, and best friend because I have not seen them in a while.” People going back to see family is often what people do during Spring break. Her outcomes for spring break were positive. She enjoyed spending time with her family and old friends out in Houston and coming back to Maryland was the least thing she wanted to do.

Overall, most people are spending time with family or friends, or they are travelling outside of the world to spend time on themselves and to take a mental break from their hard-working lives.