• January 18“Despite this challenging year, I would choose to wake up and teach every single day – in whatever way that means.” (HHS Teacher)
  • January 18“Organization is the prerequisite to success.”
  • June 12"The darkness always passes, and the light comes back."

2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Elizabeth Polo Editor-in-Chief See Elizabeth Polo’s profile
See Elizabeth Polo’s profile
Laura Vance Features & Opinion Editor, Staff Writer See Laura Vance’s profile
See Laura Vance’s profile
Rachael Heagy Production Manager/Staff Writer See Rachael Heagy’s profile
See Rachael Heagy’s profile
Caleb Evans Copy Editor/Sports Writer See Caleb Evans’s profile
See Caleb Evans’s profile
Ashley Whitley News Editor See Ashley Whitley’s profile
See Ashley Whitley’s profile
Cameron Kapiskosky News Editor See Cameron Kapiskosky’s profile
See Cameron Kapiskosky’s profile
Jayden Newcomer Sports Editor See Jayden Newcomer’s profile
See Jayden Newcomer’s profile
Joe Nowak Sports Editor See Joe Nowak’s profile
See Joe Nowak’s profile
Canon Drummond Sports Reporter See Canon Drummond’s profile
See Canon Drummond’s profile
Trent Newman Sports Reporter See Trent Newman’s profile
See Trent Newman’s profile
Lily Kagle Photo Editor See Lily Kagle’s profile
See Lily Kagle’s profile
Kayli Watson Opinions/Reporter/Writer See Kayli Watson’s profile
See Kayli Watson’s profile
Ashley Whitley Writer/Reporter See Ashley Whitley’s profile
See Ashley Whitley’s profile
Ava Halsey Design/Art Director See Ava Halsey’s profile
See Ava Halsey’s profile
Jay Wilson Senior Video Producer See Jay Wilson’s profile
See Jay Wilson’s profile
Ashlee Miles Senior Video Producer See Ashlee Miles’s profile
See Ashlee Miles’s profile
Gio Guttadauro Video Production Staff See Gio Guttadauro’s profile
See Gio Guttadauro’s profile
Aiden Holt Video Production Staff See Aiden Holt’s profile
See Aiden Holt’s profile
Koral Kent Video Production Staff See Koral Kent’s profile
See Koral Kent’s profile
Emma Cox Video Production Staff See Emma Cox’s profile
See Emma Cox’s profile
Mr. John S. Allen Faculty Adviser See Mr. John S. Allen’s profile
See Mr. John S. Allen’s profile
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