The School Bathrooms: Where the Cool Kids Go


Stolen mirrors, clogged toilets, and the noxious mix of the aromas of scented vapes and unflushed feces filling the air. The school bathrooms are no place for the feeble of mind or body, a war zone, the trenches of the school, a place where only the strong can survive. Carcinogenic gasses permeate the air, their sweet smells piercing through your nostrils. Hordes of people huddle around each other, making use of the scarce down time between periods. Their feet drag across the moist floor. The source of the moisture is as mysterious as the characters behind the stall walls.

Despite the school bathrooms belligerent nature, they have an atmosphere of comfort, like the calm before a storm. Laughter sometimes echoes in the perfect acoustic chamber that is the school bathroom. On the rare occasion that a bathroom is empty, joy and excitement boil over in hope for a serene defecation experience. On the other hand, there is beauty to be seen and fun to be made in the chaos of a full bathroom. A conversation can be started in line for a urinal or stall. Acquaintances might pass by and exchange a high five, or perhaps a handshake – and one may realize he forgot to wash his hands; but that’s fine because he stole your milk in 7th grade and you’ve been looking for revenge ever since. Muffled music may play through the speakers in a young man’s backpack – surely he is the most liked person in the school.

Regardless, bathrooms serve an integral part in the social and sanitary environment of the school. Whether it be the missing mirrors, harsh soap, broken sinks and toilets, or overflowing trash, the flaws of school bathrooms are what make them special.