What it means to be a CANE


Walking through loud hallways to hurry and get to your next class, you pass your classmates and underclassmen. You see groups of friends walking together or people walking by themselves. You think to yourself how this school is very divided. So, what does being a CANE really mean to you? It could be just simply coming to Huntingtown High School, being part of the sports teams, or being a part of the school musical and plays, but is it really deeper than that?

PBIS is a soon-to-be club here at Huntingtown. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. This system is at all Calvert County Public Schools. They are invested in the philosophy of accentuating the positive sides  of both students and staff by using PBIS strategies to assist with student achievement. This program involves the entire school community in acknowledging the positive characteristics, outcomes, and progress related to academics, student behavior and social/emotional success. Mrs. Mackovyak our PBIS sponsor states, “PBIS is a system put in place to address the good things happening in our school as well as the not so good things.” The system has seen great effectiveness since the implementation of this program, on the reduction of discipline referrals and suspensions while creating a more positive learning environment for students and staff.

To Mrs. Mackovyak, a CANE means, “You are displaying behavior that makes the school better, showing the CANE character qualities that would make the school environment a better place.” Around school, you have probably seen the ‘proud to be a CANE sign which stands for: C- Citizenship, A– Achievement, N- No excuses, and E- Enthusiasm for learning.

“Citizenship” means the position or status of being a citizen of a particular place. Being a citizen in Huntingtown High School is coming to school and doing what you need to do and what is expected of you, getting your work done and getting good grades. “Achievement” means something done successfully, typically done by effort, skill, and courage. “No excuses” means you are emphasizing something not to happen. For example, you can’t always say your dog ate your homework the day it’s supposed to be turned in. Be honest if you didn’t do it. There are no excuses on why you were late to class. Just get to class when you should be. “Enthusiasm” means intense or eager enjoyment. For example, it’s early in the morning and you don’t want to do work because it’s early. You have to do it to pass school. Just have the enthusiasm to do your work so you can graduate! As a student body, we can promote PBIS by being kind to one another, and respectful to others. Just being a friend to everyone can represent being a CANE.

Soon, PBIS will start doing the raffles with the Cane Cash and selling pizza again as a fundraiser to raise money for their snacks and goodies. The raffles will be for tickets like for sports games, musicals, and prom. So, save up your Cane Cash for a chance to win some cool prizes!

As a school community we should work together to be kind to others and respectful. As the club is soon coming, you as a CANE should join and support our school!