HHS NJROTC: More Than It Is Made Out To Be


The day, Thursday. Now for most students and teachers, Thursday is just an average run of the mill day. Nothing special other than the fact that tomorrow is Friday. But for us cadets it means uniforms, precise drill movements and a place for everything and everything in its place. Thursdays are the unit’s uniform day, which requires most cadets to face an inspection based on their knowledge and uniform measurements. While all this may seem boring and pointless, for most cadets it is an extremely important part of all our daily lives.

NJRTOC (Naval Junior Reserves Officers’ Training Corps), contrary to popular belief, was not used to get people to join the United States armed forces. The goal of the program was initially to help students in high school prepare for the world by learning how to be a proper and dignified citizen. Self-responsibility and life lessons were the original core of NJROTC and are continuing to be taught in classes worldwide.

Now for those who do not know what NJROTC is, it is a program instated at most high schools  to prepare students for the military. NJROTC is not just a class but a way of life for most cadets. Countless of us simply live, eat, and breathe NJROTC 24/7. If we are not shining shoes, we are studying our required knowledge, or we are helping coordinate an event. The program and class can teach you and others a multitude of life skills and let you join special clubs such as Drill, Color Guard, Air Riffle, and Scuba.

How NJROTC can help your future:

By joining NJROTC you not only have opportunities to join military branches but gain life skills as well. After only a few years of NJROTC you could qualify or start at a higher rank than most soldiers when enlisting in any branch. NJROTC also can help many people attend college with financial aid and scholarships that help them prepare for the military. Our Unit CO is currently preparing to go to college on a designated NJROTC scholarship.  Many cadets are taught how to make important decisions and learn major life lessons from both Commanders that help you grow and mature.


Many students and people believe that they should not join NJROTC due to its extreme amounts of physical labor and PT. Although we partake in a few daily exercises after a few weeks, it becomes a piece of cake. I have personally seen many students who could not do a single push-up and after practicing they are able to do up to fifty. When asked about students not joining the unit due to misconceptions the Unit CO had this to say” Don’t listen to rumors, make your own opinions.”


A bonus of joining Naval Junior Reserves Officers’ Training Corps is getting to participate in unique opportunities and functions. For instance, last month the unit took part in a helicopter field trip, in which a Black Hawk landed on the soccer field allowing cadets to enter the aircraft and learn about the jobs of enlisted army soldiers. Other spectacular experiences we have taken part in and will be going on soon, include the meeting of Navy Seals and trips to Quantico, Virginia, in order to visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps.


Overall, the NJROTC program is a program that teaches students about current events and life lessons that will help prepare them for their future. Whether or not you intend on actually joining the military, the unit will prepare in other ways such as how to have a backbone, and not stand down to others.  If you have never considered joining the unit, I highly recommend it. Who knows, you may end up learning more about yourself and that you are stronger than you think.

The sky gradually dims and becomes a deep shade of blue. As you stand in the road horns blare and students direct traffic and direct cars to parking spots. One exciting perk of joining the NJROTC program is the NJROTC running the football parking. Hundreds of ecstatic friends and family members commenced to celebrate during Huntingtown High’s football game. Everyone works together in order to make sure that all are able to quickly enter the game safely. After all the cadets finish filling up all the parking spots, cadets are able to go into the football game together for free. This lets all cadets feel a sense of togetherness and family when they all worked together.