RISING STAR: Jordan Addison #3


Jordan Addison

 As the college football season is nearing its end, there Is one player who quietly catches everyone’s eye. And that player is – Jordan Addison. Jordan Addison quickly became a rising star at a decently young age, and he grew up 1 hour and 44 minutes away from all of us in Frederick, Maryland where he attended Tuscarora High School. He played quarterback and defensive back for the Tuscarora Titans. He then committed to the University of Pittsburgh to play college football. Addison played in 10 games and started 8 as a true freshman at Pittsburgh in 2020. He led the team with 60 receptions for 666 yards and four touchdowns. He returned to Pittsburgh as a starter in 2021. During that season Addison went on to lead college football in touchdown receptions with 17 in the 2021 regular season, while catching 100 passes for 1,593 yards. He earned All American honors and won the 2021 Fred Biletnikoff Award.

  Let’s backtrack to the beginning of this season. Mr. Addison announced that he will be transferring from the University of Pittsburgh to the University of Southern California. Jordan Addison was asked by ESPN on why he made the transfer, and he said: “I was looking for a great coach and a good football opportunity.” And “I’m still figuring myself out and what I want to do, and I feel like I have a great opportunity to do that where I’m at now.” “He chose to wear #3 for USC, which was previously retired in honor of Carson Palmer. When the transfer first happened, People immediately wondered how well he would perform in a new atmosphere, including moving across the country. He stunned everyone with 7 receptions, 172 yards, and 2 touchdowns in his first game with the Trojans! If he wasn’t already on the map before, he definitely is now. He capped off his first season with the Trojans having the most receiving yards and receiving touchdowns with 875 yards and 8 touchdowns. Addison also rounded up 33 rushing yards, but unfortunately hasn’t made it into the endzone. Jordan Addison ended his season healing from a leg injury he suffered during USC’s loss to Utah. As a result, he didn’t end up playing in the Cotton Bowl vs Tulane back on January 2nd. He is going into his senior year, and I am looking forward to seeing him tear up the field once again.

Now, with Jordan Addison going into his senior year in college, people are thinking about the NFL draft, and how he will perform in the NFL. I ended up talking with a diehard Pittsburgh sports fan, my father. I asked him how high he thinks Jordan Addison will go in the draft, and what round. This is what he had to say: “I’m thinking late first round. Some of the rankings say he’s the 3rd ranked wide receiver, so mid to late first round.” I also asked him, “do you think his skill in college will carry over into the NFL? Or do you think he might not be as good?” This is what he had to say. “No, it will go right over, the only thing he is lacking on is blocking, and his running skills are phenomenal considering his speed. But another weakness he has is, during a deep throw, he uses his pads to make the catch, rather than his hands. His positives definitely overtake his weaknesses, and there is little to no downside drafting him.” The final question that I asked him was, what is the main skillset that makes him so great to watch? And he responded with, “Elite athletic ability and strength.  He’s a deep threat and has pro-level moves and toughness.”

Jordan Addison will be a force to be reckoned with when he gets to the NFL, and I am looking forward to seeing his skill carry over to the big leagues!