Pickup Disaster


…it was the most shocking moment of my life…ringing in my ears, my vision… blurry, crying, honking, sirens. This was a day I will never forget.

It was a late afternoon around 4:30. I was heading down to Office Depot with my dad, Kenny, and my brother, Blake. Blake and I needed some new school supplies. There was everyday traffic, adults trying to get home to their families from work, kids trying to return home from school, truck drivers trying to deliver. The radio was on and of course my dad, being a dad, told his dad jokes. Little did we know we were about to be stunned. Not even five minutes later I heard a screech, and everything turned off, even the truck, nothing running anymore.

The seats were leaning back and broken, the back window was shattered by Blake hitting it from the impact, and my dad passed out…it was all up to me. As soon as I could I turned the wheel so hard the truck flew off the road and into somebody’s yard (keep in mind I was twelve years old). I accidentally stepped on the gas which made the truck fly and I do not know how this happened considering the truck was off, then I slammed my foot on the brakes. The truck came to a stop underneath a tree. I could not find my phone; I was panicking so badly I was shaking. I grabbed my dad’s phone and dialed 911….

“911 what’s your emergency?”


“Okay, can you tell me where you are?”

“Yes, I’m right across from Mulberry Farm.”

Once again, I was twelve, in shock and panic – and had no idea where I was. People from inside the house whose yard we were parked in ran out. 911 continued…

“We can’t find your address, where’s your parent?”

“He’s passed out from the impact.”

“Okay, is there anyone else around?”

“Yes, they’re right next to me.”

“Okay, can you please give the phone to them?”


I gave the phone to a man who had pulled over to make sure we were okay. They talked for a while and then my dad woke up. He could not remember what had happened.

“Lily, what happened? Where are we?”

“Dad, we were in a car accident, and we’re getting help.”

He asked me this about 3 more times and then called my mom and alerted her. From what I heard, my mom started panicking and asking a million questions. I did not know what to do. Blake was okay, but his head was bleeding from the glass. The guy finally got off the phone with 911. Five minutes later a man from the road came running over to us.

“I’m so sorry man – there was a coke bottle stuck under my brake and I was trying to get it out when I realized it was too late.”

He was the one who had hit us.

About 10 minutes later after the guy got off the phone with 911, two ambulances and three police cars showed up. The officers asked if we were okay and what had happened, and we all explained the best we could. My dad called my mom again. She asked if he was okay and if he was hurt. He answered those questions, and she was on her way. We got into the ambulance’s, me, and Blake in one, my dad in another. On the way to the hospital, my dad had called my mom once more. She was now going faster then she ever had. We arrived at the hospital. I was loopy and about to fall asleep, Blake was asleep, and my dad was in a neck brace. About 30 minutes later my mom had arrived and she was crying. She gave everyone a hug and made sure we were all okay. Everyone was in a separate room. About 9:00 that night we all got out and went home.

Till this day I am still cautious about cars, I always stay awake, and I focus on the road as if I am the driver. That was a day to never forget:

What was your initial first thought when he hit us?

“I don’t remember I was knocked out cold. I only remember waking up and seeing the truck stashed against the tree branch” Ken states.

“What just happened?” Blake says.

Mom, what was your first initial thought when you heard the news?

“Once I talked to a cop, after your dad called me about 5 times inside of 10 minutes and the cop confirmed it, my thought was fear.” Dawn responded.

Dad, when you passed out did you see anything? What made you wake up?

“No, I guess I just woke up.” Ken says.

How are you doing today?

“I’m fine” Ken acknowledged.

“Good” Blake states.

How much do you remember?

“You say, “I’m sorry dad I hit the tree.” I asked you where we are. You say, “someone hit us” and you driving the truck to safety. Then I did not worry about the tree. Then looking around and seeing blood everywhere and checking on you guys. Blake bleeding from his head. You said you were ok. The police officers coming and calling mom letting her know what happened. Riding in the ambulance to the hospital. Ken described.

“Not a lot.” Blake says.

What is your Point of View on cars now? Are you scared? Cautious?

“I am glad the car was a truck and not a small car, for safety reasons. I will also look for safer cars. Not scared of driving.” Ken replies.

“I still like cars and, I’m not scared to get in one.” Blake states.


Interviewees: Blake (Brother) Age 13, Kenny (Dad) Age 52, Dawn (Mom) Age 50.