“Life Goes On”


Anthony Smith

  • Thursday, April 30th – Showed an act of kindness by putting an older lady’s groceries in her car.
  • Friday, May 1st – Saw two kids riding their bikes outside and laughing.
  • Saturday, May 2nd – Family game night with my parents and siblings.
  • Sunday, May 3rd – Rode a bike for the first time in 3 years.
Positivity in this negative time! (Anthony Smith)

REFLECTION – Even though we are in trying times, life can still go on; you can still laugh and have fun; you can pick up things that maybe you used to enjoy doing but never had the time because life can be so busy.




Day 1: A wife and her husband calmly walk the sunlit path while taking in the exquisite scenery of the florescent blue birds and morning dew flower dripping into the grass.

Day 2: A mother of two attentively works through another day away, focusing on the necessity to create a stable basis to support those that cherish her.

Day 3: The young lady sat on her couch analyzing the difficult work ahead of her with the thought of summer completely engrossing her mind.

Day 4: A young boy rushes around the burning-hot kitchen and with the sweat dripping down his forehead, he continues to push through and get his job done and satisfy the customers.

Calm in a Difficult time (Brandon Harris)

REFLECTION – The things that I have witnessed in the past week are more than just everyday things, but more of an adaptation to this difficult time that has been presented to us.  They allow us deep insight into the hard work and dedication people are putting into making the best that they can of this tough time.


Elizabeth Polo

4/28/20 – An energetic dog races across a lush, green lawn with a drooled tennis ball in its mouth.

4/29/20 A tired man hurries to his car with groceries in one hand, adjusting his mask in the other.

4/30/20 – A husband and wife spend their afternoon cutting their lawn with sweat dripping down their faces.

5/1/20 – A father grills steaks for his family as he watches his children chase each other in their sweet youth.

REFLECTION – Despite this harsh reality bearing down on us, we still strive to live our happiest.


Gio Guttadauro

Tuesday: A Father and his sons are playing basketball under the clouds.

Wednesday: My dogs wrestled with each other ferociously.

Thursday: The birds are chirping blissfully outside my house.

Friday: The neighborhood was silent as no was able to walk into the outside world.


Laura Vance

A Light in the Night. (Laura Vance)

Friday, May 1, 2020

I see my neighbors smiling as they walk around the neighborhood, happy to get out of the house.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

I see little buttercups blooming in my yard before my little brother mows them down.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

I see the sun set on the trees, tinting the green leaves yellow


I see the world continuing to live as we are forced to stop our own lives.  People try to make the best of it and smile when they can, but it’s very hard.  Life will always go on.