“Passing the Day”





Ashlee Miles

Drying Our Hair (Ashlee Miles)
  • Tuesday: I see my dog jump on the pool.
  • Wednesday: I see a worm on my car as I wash it.
  • Friday: I see a man at the grocery store making a phone call.
  • Monday: I see my sister read a book as we lay in the sun.

– On Monday it was really sunny and an extremely nice day.  We both laid out in the sun to get tan since it’s been cloudy and rainy the past few days.  I just listened to music, but my sister read her book.  Also, we put out a mini pool for my dog to play in while we laid out, so she didn’t feel left out.  It was really fun, and we got lots of sun.


Tyler Young

From my window on the world. (Tyler Young)
  • I sit alone in my house and stare out the window. I see a hawk flying and cars driving by just wondering when things could go back to normal.
  • I hear the sounds of children riding bikes and running down the sidewalk with their families.
  • I listen to my most nostalgic music reminiscing on past times before we were all separated.
  • I get bored of seeing the same scenery of the green leafy trees and blue cloudy sky and I just want this to be over.

REFLECTION – These observations are just things that I see every day and what I wish to be over. I talk about the same room I sit in everyday where I stare out the window and see the same things. I’m always seeing kids with their parents or people riding bikes while I sit here alone in this room.





Julia Bowling

Day 1 -A girl on a green-colored bike rides down the treacherous steep hill, as the wind flows through her fingers.

Day 2- A woman sits on her brown couch reading a book, not ready for the day yet, she relaxes.

Day 3- A couple walks their dog, strolling slowly holding a casual conversation.

Day 4-A man gets home from work after a long day; he goes to sit down to eat dinner.

REFLECTION – Some are trying to keep calm and busy during the pandemic. People are doing things they would usually do but now because they have time. They are experiencing new things.  Others are slowing down and relaxing.  This could be their time to finally catch a break from their usual hectic lives.