“How Much Life is Worth:” A Poetic Reflection by Ayanna Mackall

On the first day

I stand in the cold shower, thinking

No music or singing from the heart

Just thoughts of our world falling apart

Washing away sorrow down the drain.


On the second day

I open the window where the birds sing, listening

The world, constantly in motion, yet I keep still

But the birds move me, as they carol on my windowsill

Flying freely away from the rain.


On the third day

I drive between the speeding cars, watching

The sounds from the cars are roaring and loud

And the sky grows darker with heavy rain clouds

Lightning dazzles the heavens with short bursts.


On the fourth day

I sit and watch the setting sun, hoping

Even on the Earth’s most depressing days

The sun will always rise and set with its joyful rays

And I understand now how much life is worth.


MY REFLECTION: Regardless of how many cloudy and bitter days there are, the sun will always rise again, and you’ll have another chance to make the most out of your life