What You May Not Know About Your Teachers

Teachers make or break a class; we all have teachers that we like and others we dislike. Students look up to teachers as role models, advisors, and maybe even a friend. Teachers have the opportunity to further students’ education and brighten their day. For many students school is a dauting task and having a teacher to give them support and guidance can make all the difference. At Huntingtown High School, teachers such as Mr. Jeremiah Vedis (Math), and Mr. Rob James (Social Studies) have impacted us in a positive way.


Let’s start from the beginning, to go back and get to know Mr. Vedis. He grew up on farm in Pennsylvania and attended Waynesburg University.  Mr.Vedis teaches academic and honors Algebra 2 along with Statistics. He has been teaching at Huntingtown High School for two years, previously working in Anne Arundel and Charles County. When we asked him why he chose to be a teacher he went on to say, “I knew I wanted to coach and having the summers off isn’t so bad either.’’ Most agree that Mr. Vedis is an amazing teacher.  He connects with each student, trying to help them individually in a way they would learn best.


We also interviewed Mr. James for this article. In summary we asked him why he wanted to be a teacher and whether he might recount some funny things that have happened during his time of teaching. So, let’s get started

Question 1: “Why did you want to teach for a career?  James: “I had a good social studies teacher as a kid and he inspired me so now I want to be able to do that.”

Question 2: “How long have you been teaching?” James: “I have been teaching for 24 years”

Question 3: “Why did you stay teaching for all these years?” James: “In a way it makes you feel young still”

Question 4: “Did you have an accomplishment as a kid?” James: “I was a 3-time grand champion Christmas tree winner at the New York State fair ”

Question 5: “What’s your favorite song?” James: “The Erie Canal song ”

Question 6: “Any memorable moments during your years as teaching?” James: “When I told my grandma I got a job as a teacher she got me a present. She got me a tie that had all these little kids on it she said and when I got it, it was the South Park characters on the


Question 7: “Now who is you favorite President (since you are a social studies teacher)?” James: “Millard Fillmore, because he is from my hometown of upstate New York”

Question 8: “Ok – final question. Why did you move to Maryland when you talk about New York so much?  James: “There was better weather here and it was a better place to raise a family”

Teachers make or break school for the students. For many, when they find a teacher they can connect to it makes all the difference. It’s the best feeling to know that you have a teacher on your side trying to help you out and do the most for you.  Clearly Mr. Vedis and Mr. James have the kind of experience and spirit that makes that happen for the students in their classes.