23 Question with Mr. Weber

Cheyenne Wilson

Have you ever imagined what the life of Mr. Weber is like, what he was like when he was a teen, what influenced him to become a principal, or do you wonder if he’s proud of his students? All these questions were answered within the 23-question interview I had with our principal. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Weber and got the inside view of his life – past and present.  We will share some of these insights with you over this and upcoming issues of The Forecast. And I hope you enjoy the video of interview excerpts that accompanies this article.


Here is a preview: Did you know that Mr. Weber grew up right here in Calvert County and has lived here all his life except for a few years when he was away at college and at another job?  As he was growing up, he particularly loved sports – and his favorite sport was not what you might think.  Although, being quite tall, he came to love, play and coach basketball, his first love as a younger person was baseball!  He also played soccer and football, and finally – as he grew taller and bigger – he gravitated toward basketball, and that became the sport he would go on to coach.  He coached basketball for two years at Old Dominion University in Virginia, and then returned to Calvert County to become a coach in schools here, then Athletic Director, and finally, Principal at Huntingtown High School.  He has been here long enough so that some of his former students and players are now teaching here alongside of him and their children are going to school here.  As he has grown up in Calvert County, he has also watched Calvert County grow up around him.


In future articles you can learn more about his favorite pets, his favorite candy, and what has made him most proud of his students and his career.  This video link will show you Mr. Weber in person, sharing his story in his own words: