FBLA! What is it?

By Jared Smith, Koral Kent, Michael Ramos

What Is FBLA?

FBLA is a high school club that teaches students business skills for the future. FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. A major goal of FBLA is having students work to create the best chapter in the state competing with different business goals. Students can choose competitions such as a test of specific knowledge or they can present skills in front of judges, and even host an event. Recently, Huntingtown’s own FBLA went to a competition to demonstrate their skills.

What is the Point of FBLA Competitions?

If you’re in FBLA, there’s potential to receive scholarships to college and win various awards. In order to earn these awards, students must compete with the “best-of-the-best” in events that specialize in technology, public speaking, business, finance, management, and even more. There are over 60 of these events. FBLA offers business-related content in a curriculum that the school doesn’t necessarily provide for everyday students. Along the way, Future Business Leaders of America teaches students to develop leadership skills and prepares them to excel in any career they desire.

Typical Environment of FBLA

In the experience of many students, Huntingtown’s FBLA club has proven to be an ideal place for learning.

“I joined freshman year just so I would have some extracurriculars listed, but now it’s just a lot of fun.” said Frances Hill, an FBLA member many look up to. In FBLA relationships are built as well. You can find friends who have the same interests that you do and join with that one other person who wants to work or study alongside you. “The people are amazing and the satisfaction of working together to be in this awesome chapter from our school is amazing.” Frances has been in FBLA for a while now and clearly, she’s sticking to it. This was a great experience for her to learn and have fun, and FBLA does that and so much more.

Benefits Of FBLA

Through FBLA students will not only learn to be better leaders, but they will also be given the chance to earn scholarships to 26 different Colleges. As many juniors and seniors know, scholarships can be the defining factor when committing to colleges. Students who participate in FBLA have an extra chance to get those crucial scholarships. Not only do you have a shot at the scholarship, but you can also be published in “Tomorrow’s Business Leader,” a paper about the different FBLA organizations at high schools around the country. Getting publicity for merit in this FBLA paper can make a world of difference for those going into the business field.

So, in summary, FBLA can help students prepare for their future at a young age, Students can learn responsibilities such as presenting in front of big groups and adults, preparing for success and being competitive.

If you have an interest in the world of business, FBLA could be your launch pad to a fulfilling future.