What is Keeping the Bees Buzzing Together? Let Us Find Out the Jobs of Beekeepers.


Beekeepers ((beekeepers copyright free – Bing images))

For those who do not know, bees are important to our survival on earth. They make the pollen for our flowers, which produces oxygen for us to breathe. For a quick explanation, forager bees extract the pollen in flowers and pass it on to worker bees to put it in the hive. If bees die, then we as a race will end up like dinosaurs and go extinct! So, with that, what exactly do Beekeepers do?

Beekeepers have bees in a hive relocating them from a home. This helps since people may try and kill a hive in fear for getting stung, so the relocation does save those bees. They also make sure to inspect the hives for vermin and diseases to make sure no harm can be done to them.

There are also some requirements for being a beekeeper. For starters, there is no formal education needed but things like environmental engineering that would help with becoming a beekeeper. You must pass a written and practical exam. The practical test is working on hives and using tools at your disposal. Beekeepers mostly prefer working with horizontal hives since they require less heavy lifting. Finally, the salary is usually $12-15 dollars an hour depending on your skill level.

In conclusion, while yes, it is an odd job, I think beekeeping does help the planet. It keeps bees safe and that matters a great deal since bees keep us alive on this beautiful planet, we call earth.