The Power of The Rangers


Jason David Frank

The giant blooming fireballs and the high-flying martial arts, what part of that wouldn’t appeal to a young boy? Growing up without cable meant old VHS and hand me down CDs and because my cousins loved PowerRangers, I watched it too. However, I fell in love with the show. All the explosions and fights were so dynamic to my little eyes and of course, the suits Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink and my favorite, White, played by the late Jason David Frank. He was my childhood hero; he was also the longest-running power ranger playing five different rangers in his career. His death was sad. I want to remember his life and his portrayals of the characters.

Power Rangers’ Logo

In the original show, he was the sixth ranger – the one who is added on later. He started off as the green ranger and was arguably the strongest. Later he became the strongest ranger, the white tiger ranger with a widely agreed upon opinion of having the best suit. Then in a later show he was the red Zeo ranger the first time he took the lead of the power rangers. While I never watched this show, I’m sure it was great. The next power ranger played by Jason David Frank was the red turbo ranger. This show took on a new aspect. Instead of the rangers being based on animals in this show, they were based on cars. I watched this show and like all the older power rangers, my young mind thought it was a masterpiece. The last time that he played a power ranger as a lead role was as the mentor for the Dino Thunder Power Rangers. As the black ranger, with yet another amazing suit, as a fan of this show, I say with confidence that it was as good as all the others. These shows are only the ones he starred in or had a major role in. He has cameoed in the different Power Rangershows and video games that were unconnected to his previous shows.

Outside, of Power Rangers, Jason led an everyday life for an actor. He went to conventions and acted in other movies and tv shows.  He never made it very big. However, he got married and had three children. He mastered multiple martial arts from his time as a ranger. Sadly, his life ended much too early; he died due to suicide. When asked about Jason’s death his wife said she was unhappy about the publication of his death.