Music & Personalities


(This is Lexi Bennett an HHS senior reporting on the topic of music and personalities.)

“Hey, what’s your favorite type of music?”

“Oh, I love country music.”

“Hmm, that makes sense!”

              Have you ever wondered what your favorite songs say about you? In the past few years, more research has been done on the topic of relating one’s personality to the genre of music listened to by the said person.

            A quote from the PsychCentral article, What Do Music Preferences Reveal About Your Personality?

“…a 2022 study analyzed the musical preferences of over 350,000 people in more than 50 countries and six continents and found the link between musical preference and personality to be universal. That means music and personality are intertwined, no matter where you live.”

This shows that music preferences reflect one’s personality. So, what does your music taste say about your personality? Let’s find out.


Country listeners: Varies articles state that country music listeners are often hardworking folks who tend to be more outgoing. Country music listeners are also more likely to be emotionally stable whilst listening to heartbreak songs.

Hip-hop listeners: According to the Squibb Vicious article on What Your Favorite Kind of Music Says About Your Personality”; Hip-hop listeners tend to be extroverted and confident in themselves. Music is like a social experiment for them connecting others through the power of music.

Pop listeners: Pop music fans tend to have the personality traits of being honest and extroverted. Further, in this study researchers suggests that pop listeners researchers have found pop music listeners are less creative and more uneasy than other music listeners.

Rock listeners: Despite the stereotype of rock listeners being loud and rebelling people, these listeners tend to keep to themselves and are often very intuitive and creative. Researchers suggest that rock lovers tend to have low-self-esteem. (My personal favorite genre of music).

R&B listeners: Rhythm and Blues listeners according to the news article What Your Music Taste Says About You” by the company Loop Earplugs, tend to be outgoing and extroverted mainly following their heart. These listeners tend to not have issues showing emotions.

Another quote from the PsychCentral article, What Do Music Preferences Reveal About Your Personality?  states:

“In 2011Trusted Source, researchers developed a five-factor model to explain musical preferences. They say that people may fall into one of the following “MUSIC” categories based on their musical preferences:

  • Mellow: smooth and relaxing music.
  • Urban: rhythm and percussion music, such as rap and funk.
  • Sophisticated: complex and inspirational music, such as classical and jazz.
  • Intense: loud, energetic music, including heavy metal and punk.
  • Campestral: a mix of styles, including country and singer-songwriter music.”

Was this accurate? Did you find your favorite music genre(s)? If no to any of these, there are more articles linked down below. This is Lexi Bennett, Have a great day ‘canes!

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