‘The Oscars Slapped’

‘The Oscars Slapped’

My Opinion

 You’re sitting enjoying the presentation given by Chris Rock. He’s dishing out jokes back and forth, everyone in the front row is in danger. You see him set his eyes on Will and Jada Smith. Jada Smith has Alopecia which is the clinical term for hair loss, You think he probably wouldn’t crack a joke about that, but he does exactly that. Jada doesn’t like it, but she shrugs it off and Will laughs. The joke went over smoothly at least for thirty seconds. Will gets up and starts walking towards the stage, you think he is just going to do something funny. He gets to Chris and Chris leans forward. You anticipate a joke but in less than a second Will slaps Chris with enough force to break a jaw, but Chris is no ordinary man. He’s a comedian and just stands there in shock, barely able to comment.

The Oscars were certainly interesting and the days following have been just as interesting. Georgia Smith’s opinion on the Oscars “I think Chris Rock somewhat deserved it because he made a joke about Jada’s hair loss. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding some of Chris Rock’s previous comedy skits. Not to mention that he said he’d stop making jokes about the couple. However Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on a live global award ceremony. That will forever be in Chris Rock’s career. I think Will Smith could have handled the situation better than assaulting Chris Rock.” I do not know if all of Georgia’s information is credible, but this is her opinion.

My opinion is in stark contrast to hers. I believe the slap was extremely entertaining and more events like this make the Oscars more entertaining as a whole. Lexin Granlund said “ I thought it was funny but at the same time I don’t think it should have happened.” Lexin has a less information filled statement, but I agree on how it was funny, and I think most people will agree it shouldn’t have happened on live television.

Overall, this was the highlight of the event, and I don’t think any Oscar afterwards will top this one. Though in the aftermath of the “Slap” it seems Chris Rock will not press charges, he even stopped police from arresting Will Smith. Jaden Smith, Will’s son, commented on his father by saying “That’s how we do it” and I agree with him. I thought the Slap was warranted but, what he said after was not.  That part was excessive. Once things had settled down, he got an Oscar which is the funniest part of the event, but he didn’t follow through with the same energy and ended up breaking down in his award speech. This will be the most popular event on the internet for at least the next few days maybe even weeks, but it was an excellent display of not being able to take a joke.