Pride: Meaning and Misconceptions

Pride: Meaning and Misconceptions

Emma Lovell

The LGBTQ+ community is generally represented by the rainbow flag. At the same time there are various flags, from the Gilbert Baker pride flag in 1978 to the “progress” pride flag. The various gender identities and sexualities have also made their own flags. The flags themselves are used to just represent the sexuality or gender identity. The flags have been made to pins stickers actual flags. Some stores like hot topic especially sell pins and shirts and everything that could have a flag on it. Some people put pins with their flags on their shirts jackets or bags just to represent themselves. People will use the flags like tapestries and put them on their walls. During pride moth and the pride parade people will wrap their flags around them and get all decked out in their flag(s) with pins accessories, clothing, everything. The colors in the flags have their own meaning as well an example is below. * All of the misconceptions expressed have been drawn from personal interactions, my friend’s interactions and other people’s interactions that I found while looking up the meaning and the flags.

Progress Flag

This is the progress flag. This new flag includes black and brown which includes people of color and the white, blue and pink is the transgender flag. Now the real meaning for the chevron is still people of color, pink for girls, blue for boys, and white for no gender and the nonbinary. Now in the rainbow red means life, orange is healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue is serenity and purple is spirit. Like the progress flag the other flags’ colors have meaning themselves.

The Pansexual flag.

When Pansexual you are attracted to someone regardless of their gender identity or sex. Some pansexual refer to themselves as gender-blind because gender wont effect their relationship. (No, when pansexual you don’t date pans.)

Some misconceptions: Most people think that being bisexual and pansexual are the same, but they aren’t. You’ll see how on the bisexual flag. Some also say being pan isn’t real, well it is also being pan doesn’t mean you like other objects. People assume that being pan means you like EVERYTHING. I’ve heard this in school and in comments of either videos or websites.

The Bisexual Flag

When you’re bisexual generally one is attracted to males and females, or other gender Identities. Most people define bisexual as only male and female but from research it’s any gender 2+.

Back to Pansexual, being pansexual you don’t care about the gender but with bisexuality you do.              But people tend to say being bisexual is just a phase or that they need to pick a gender. Well, both of those things are not true, and we don’t need to pick. It’s also definitely not a phase.

Non-Binary Flag

When non-binary one does not exclusively identify as a woman or male. When non-binary you usually feel no gender at all. Non-binary is also used as an umbrella term for people who identify outside the male/female spectrum and go by they/them pronouns.

Some misconceptions, people can say “you don’t look non-binary” it is impossible to look like a gender. You can dress masculine, feminine, and androgynous.

Lesbian Flag.

Being lesbian, you are a woman yourself who is attracted romantically to another woman. Which means you also are not attracted to men. (Bisexual is attracted to both)

Now the misconceptions, when a girl comes out as gay or lesbian straight girls tend to freak out and worry that the lesbian girl likes her or looks at her in the locker room. For example, girl A comes out as gay and girl B says “omg eeuw do you like me?” Some people say “who’s the guy and who’s the girl?” in lesbian relationships when there doesn’t have to be a masc and femme in the relationship.

Gay Flag

When gay you are a male attracted to another male romantically and all that jazz. You are not attracted to women.

Upon research I could not find many misconceptions, but I know a stereotype is that gay males are “always” feminine and girly which of course isn’t true.

Demiboy & Demigirl

Now this would be demiboy (the left side) and demigirl (the right side).

When demigirl or boy you identify or connect with the sex you were assigned with at birth but, not strongly. Usually, a demigirl would go by she/they pronouns and demiboy with he/they. Gender queer is an umbrella term for this.

I could not find any misconceptions.


Just like its name, someone who is genderfluid, their gender is fluid. So, it can change overtime or day to day. They’re very flexible with their gender and usually use she/they/he.

Misconceptions or things that are said can be that people tell others who are genderfluid to pick or say, that assets define your gender.

Transgender Flag

When transgender someone identifies as their opposite sex assigned at birth. So, if a born women was transgender, they would be a male and use pronouns he/him and opposite with a transgender born male. But trans can also be an umbrella term for someone who just doesn’t identify as their sex assigned at birth.

Asexual Flag

When someone is asexual, they feel no sexual attraction or feelings for someone. They still have romantic feelings. This doesn’t mean they won’t have sexual activities, but its rare.

Some misconceptions, some people say people who are asexual have no sexuality when someone who is asexual can still be bisexual for example just attracted to the person in general and romantically. Asexuality also is not an illness.

Aromantic Flag

This is aromantic; I thought it’d be good to have it after asexual.

When aromantic you have little to no romantic feeling or attraction to others. They may or may not feel sexual attraction as well.

Some misconceptions are that people who are aromantic can’t feel love, but they can. Some think aromantics also hate romance but this isn’t true.

Demisexual Flag

When someone is demisexual they will only feel sexual attraction to someone who they have an emotional connection to and have known for a while.

When demisexual they aren’t afraid of it either, demi sexual also has nothing to do with religion. Its just the sexual orientation, not a choice.

Demi Romantic Flag

When demi romantic you will only feel romantic feelings for someone after a while and have an emotional connection to them just like demisexual.

Like demisexual people think when demi romantic they think they’re scared of romance when they aren’t. it’s just their sexual orientation.

Genderqueer Flag

Genderqueer is an umbrella term. Some people will identify as genderqueer when they don’t have an identity that they identify with yet. If you are genderqueer, you identify as any gender outside the one you were assigned with at birth.

Polyamorous Flag

Now polyamorous, a slightly more difficult one.

When polyamorous you are willing or want to be in a relationship with 3 or more people. When in the relationship all people in the relationship know about each other. No, it is not cheating.

As an example, say person 1 is dating person 2 and then person 2 ends up liking person 3. Person 2 will get close to person 3 and make sure person 1 will get along and then ask person 1 if its ok to date person 3. So then 1 and 2 are together and 2 and 3 then 3 and 1 can be together if they wanted. None of this is cheating, as long as everyone is aware.


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