Impact of Sports

Impact of Sports

Alex Kan

Why should you come to the school sports games?

Have you ever played or watched a sport before? Well, then it would be fun watching your school friends compete in intermediate to top-tier level sports. The MPSSAA, short for the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association, organizes and schedules athletic events, putting Maryland into 5 different divisions/sections based on the school population. You can watch top recruits that go Division 1, or future top recruits. If you’re hungry, you can go to the concession stand for snacks, burgers, hotdogs, and more. It can be extremely entertaining going to a sports game with our school’s team playing.


Athletic benefits and achievements

From Monday to Friday, after-school sports athletes go into the weight room, gym or fields from 2:30-4:30-5. From time to time the practices can be in the morning and night, due to holidays or things impacting the practice. You might ask “Why would I want to do this?” Well, it keeps you occupied, it keeps you in shape (keeps you physically healthy), it can get you college scholarships, or it could be your profession.

Student Athletes going to Division 1 colleges to play benefits the school. Student Athletes represent the school when they play college sports.


Benefits/How it helps athletes outside the field and weight room.

Athletes have fun staying after school to play sports. Many are determined to keep working to get their team toward a state championship. It also creates bonds between teammates, and allows you to know more people, as you would basically work with them for a season.

I asked Gage Gehkre some questions. He is a senior at our school who has played four years of high school football. I asked him how the sport is beneficial to him, and how it creates more friendships and even a “family” being on the team. He said he learned to manage his time efficiently, and made family-like friendships with his teammates, which he explained, “Working with the same people every day who have the same goal as you, creates a bond that is hard to break, and sooner or later you become great friends with all the people on the team. That bond keeps you entwined with the sport”

It is clear that the sport benefits him in a positive way. Also, that bond with his teammates helps him play well on the field. And a ton of other athletes at the school have the same mindset towards athletics as him, which is one of the reasons they were one of the best teams in 2A Maryland Football this year.

As Gage said, sports have also helped him learn efficient time management. Of course, sports aren’t the only things that teach/ and improve time management and responsibility. Clubs and extracurricular activities are also proven to boost productivity for an average student. Time-management is very important to learn and improve to prepare for the real world. The sport not only teaches responsibility, but time management as well which is a big part of it. Responsibility has a big part in a student’s future and to learn it can help a student greatly.

In conclusion, playing sports is an amazing and impactful opportunity, it can make you money later, get you college offers, college scholarships, and it keeps you occupied. Sports involvement may most likely be the best activity you can do after school.