Does Anyone Really Stick to Their Resolutions?

Does Anyone Really Stick to Their Resolutions?

Canon Drummond

“New year, new me.” A sentence said by many, year after year as the date nears January first, meaning they plan to implement changes for the better with the coming of a new year. Although many set these goals, they aren’t always met or upheld throughout the year.  


A Brief History on the Holiday 

Setting resolutions dates back to the ancient Babylonians, who would make promises to start the year off right in return for “favors from the Gods.” Their classic resolutions were to return borrowed farm equipment and to pay off debts. Although New Year’s Day was originally after a ten-month, 304-day period on the vernal equinox eventually the calendar saw a change with the added months of Januarius (January) and Februarius (February). Over centuries, the calendar fell out of sync with the sun and Emperor Julius Caesar had a solution. With the help of prestigious astronomers and mathematicians, he created the Julian calendar. This calendar closely resembles the one we use today, the Gregorian calendar. As a part of this calendar change, he declared the first day of the year January first, to honor the God of which the month was named after, Janus, the God of new beginnings. 


Resolutions Around Huntingtown 

Lorenzo hitting 245 pounds for the first time!

For Lorenzo, his resolutions are simple: hitting 300 pounds on bench press and doing better in school. More specifically, he would like to get an A in AP Statistics. “I really have to grind for that class to do well, so I’m hoping to be able to be on top of my work.” He plans to do this by getting extra help whenever he feels necessary. When discussing his goals in the gym, hitting 300 is something many strive for when lifting. But, to Lorenzo it’s more than just lifting heavy weights and looking big (although these are part of the reason) he believes it shows discipline. Lifting heavy weights doesn’t come from being lazy, he wants to be in the gym every day, and continue with his healthy diet. Currently his bench max is 245 pounds, so he has a ways to go, but the goal is nowhere near out of reach.  

John (JD) Boley has his eyes set on one goal going into the year. Have an incredible season in football. To do this he has to prepare in every way possible, lifting, speed training, agility, endurance, and gaining weight. When it comes to the lifting portion of preparation, he plans on hitting a 275 bench and a 350 for squat. “I want to be on top for everything on the boards in the weight room.” He says he wants to do it for his dad and make him proud. “My dad’s done a lot for me and knows my capabilities.”  

JD in his element.

When many think of resolutions, they think of going to the gym or eating better (which aren’t bad resolutions), some are approaching their resolution in a different way. Landon Currie wants to help people in any way he can. “Just a 5’7” kid that you can rely on.” Now while you may think of this as he wants to be a good friend you can trust, it’s deeper than that. “If someone need a place to stay, a car for a ride, or just someone to talk to that won’t tell anyone else.” His goal is to help those who aren’t in a good situation. The inspiration for his resolution came from a friend from Annapolis, Joey, because he always made sure Landon was okay and made sure he knew everything would work out in the end whenever he was in unfortunate situations. “I’ve found more and more role models that I want to be more like so I can make people feel the way I have when taken care of. 

Grace Sawyer had a resolution as well. “I want to truly enjoy my life more.” To accomplish this she plans on finding small things to look forward to in each day rather than waiting for big moments. With graduation not too far away and college not far behind that, she awaits these events and lets each day pass without thinking about the little time she has left in high school and she doesn’t want to miss what’s left. “I want to live more in the present and control what I can here and now.”  

For those of you who set resolutions, and even those who didn’t, try to keep them and better yourself this 2022 because there is always something we can work on. We will find out in a few months if these four have kept theirs. Stay tuned…