Student of the Month: Brooke Blackburn


Brooke Blackburn

Ashley Whitley

Some of you may know our fellow 9th grade student, Brooke Blackburn. She has been nominated student of the month for the math department. “I am so glad and proud of myself for being chosen to be the student of the month,” she says, satisfied.  

Math has always been a hard subject for me, so learning about the accomplishments of others amazes me. “Last year when I took Algebra 1, I realized how well my brain just works with numbers, but I have always been able to get math work done faster than my classmates,” she states. To achieve her future goals, she quotes, “My mom always tells me I must go into a profession that involves numbers, so anything to do math will be a good fit for me.” Maybe a mathematician!  

This award was an unexpected surprise, “I have received unexpected praises before, and a good email sent to my parents from my teacher,” she tells me. Brooke’s most important goal this year is to achieve, “good grades and be a role model for others.” To achieve this goal, she begins to tell me, “I submit all my work on time and do my best on all my assignments.” She informs me, “whenever I sit down to do homework, the first thing I will do is math to make myself productive because it doesn’t always frustrate me like other subjects.”  

 Talking to her teacher has really given me a good insight into what type of student Brooke is. “Brooke takes charge of her own learning as well as those around herself in her group,” Mr. Greathouse tells me. “She strives for excellence in all her classwork, as well as making connections to geometry from other subjects and topics she is studying.” She seems like she works extremely hard. Mr. Greathouse tells me, “Brooke is very capable of taking her mathematical knowledge to a higher level. It’s her dedication and productivity that will allow her to reach those goals.” I very much agree with him – congratulations Brooke!