Student Spotlight: A Lilly Christley Story

Rachael Heagy

Lilly Christley’s Student of the Month School-Wide Student of the Month Recognition Piece.

Words to describe Lilly Christley. Hmm try brilliant, scriptural, loyal, whimsical  the list goes on and on, which makes it obvious why she was selected as September’s Art and Design Student of the Month.  

Lilly has a history of being studious and willing to help anyone with schoolwork. When I found out she was going to be tabbed student of the month, I was excited for her, although I am not surprised that this award was given to her. She is one of the best students here at Huntingtown High and has a tremendous work ethic.  

Lilly Christley’s spectacularly drawn artwork

Christley emphasized how shocked she was when I asked about how she felt about receiving this award “I felt surprised.” she explained. “I wasn’t really expecting it,” Along with this award, she has also received the Foundations of Technology Award, in her freshman year here at HHS!  

When Lilly told me about her school day “routine”, Lilly explained that she wakes up, eats breakfast, does homework, plays piano or does art. On a school day, “I get up around 5, go to my church seminary then I do my homework after school.” Seminary, she explained, is an early morning Bible class she takes for her denomination, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  

Every student has a favorite subject, and Christley expounded that she enjoys her art class (nod to our very own art teacher, Mrs. Heather Smith!) because “It is relaxing, and I can truly be a creative student.” Lilly then went on to explain that her environmental science class is also one of her favorites, “It can be very challenging” she explained, but Lilly makes it work. “The most challenging part is memorizing all of the scientific terminology.”  

Lilly Christley enjoying some time outdoors.

Her advice to any High School student is to stay organized and keep up with assignments. Doing so takes away stress and “allows you to focus on stuff in life that matters.” Mental Health is extremely important, especially at our age, so this is spectacular advice! 

Along with being a 4.1 GPA student and Student of the Month, Christley is also a well-known figure in the community. Whether it be in her church, school, or in Calvert County, you can find Lilly doing extensive community service work. “I am involved in many service projects within my church. I do End Hunger, I help collect food, and volunteer in Service Projects. I was also one of the volunteers and a planner for one of our Youth’s Camp this past summer, and I was one of the leaders in it.”  

According to Lilly, being student of the month helps motivate her to continue being a good art student, and a good student in general. Lilly stressed that she is intending on pursuing a career in the Art/Design Field! She is the perfect fit for this title and will surely suit it well. If you see Lilly in the hallway, give her a high-five or say “good job,” because she is a great student, and person to know!