Springtime Fun Under the Sun 


Elizabeth Polo, Editor-in-Chief

After many months of freezing winds, icy roads, and our fair share of  seasonal  depression,  it is  finally time to take off our winter coats and  put on  some rain boots and spring jackets. With spring break just around the corner,  there is  no better way to spend time with your family and friends than to partake in seasonal activitiesFrom a tasty treat to colorful creations, people of all ages can  enjoy making memories and having some fun. 

 Homemade Easter Wreath 

Nothing gets you in the spirit for Easter more than decorating,  even more so when  your decorations are made especially by you!  There are so many different  creative  possibilities  when creating a wreath. What color scheme  should  I use? Should I add a bow? Some flowers perhaps? It is all up to you!  I had a fantastic time making my wreath with some of my friends  by  incorporating  lovely  spring  flowers and colorful easter eggs! 

 With our supplies bought from the local Joann Fabrics store, you will need: 

  • A plain wreath 
  • A hot glue  gun 
  • Your choice of fake flowers 
  • Fabric for a bow (optional) 
  • Your choice of decorations 

Now that you have  everything, take your hot glue gun and glue on your flowers and other decorations  however way you like! 

Painting Flowerpots

Everyone knows the saying “April showers bring May flowers” …so why not  make it customizable! Flowers are a huge part of spring  festivities,  whether  it be tulips, daises, or  roses.  By painting flowerpots,  both the plant and the pot can radiate the joyful themes of springtime and sunshine!  With just paint and a pot, you can create beautiful designs that really speak to you.

Easter Bunny Cake

Nothing is tastier than satisfying your sweet tooth aftera long day of Easter egg hunts. This easy recipe is such a fun treat  to bake and decorate with your family. Ever since I was little, my family has been making this cake every  year!

That was then…


…this is now!












To see how to make it, click on the video below!

Elizabeth Polo

With Easter only being about a month away, hopefully you  feel inspired by these activities  and partake in some springtime fun with your family!