From the Stage to the Screen


Laura Vance, Features Editor


The orchestra’s last note echoes across a dark stage. It travels through a sea of shadowed faces, the audience in awe of such a confounding performance. The lights are dimmed as darkness embraces the silent hall.

One second passes.

Two seconds.


As if on cue, thunderous applause erupts from the crowd, shaking the walls of the auditorium. There’s an indescribable feeling of bliss that exudes from the actors who reclaim their stage with unspeakable pride. Painted lips smile and lined eyes shine as they take each other’s hands and bow in unison. The ecstasy is palpable and contagious; one can’t help smiling after seeing their faces.

The orchestra is playing the finale, but it can’t be heard above an earthquake of claps and cheers. The company feels euphoric and victorious – yet another successful opening night of their performance season. It’s unforgettable.

And so, it should have been on the night of March 20th of 2020, a mere week after the national emergency that changed our lives. The actors and singers and dancers and managers should have been able to flood into the auditorium lobby and share their success with their families and friends.

There is no doubt in the world that they deserved to feel the exhilarating and slightly intoxicating elation that so often follows such a stellar performance.

Maybe it was fate, or perhaps someone was audacious enough to utter “Macbeth” on stage. Regardless of superstition, though, the Eye of the Storm Productions was forced to alter its performance of last Spring’s musical, Bright Star. A beautiful musical written by the genius mind of Steve Martin, it tells a story of love, sadness, and humor, reflecting on the importance of one’s own story. With a stellar cast and renowned director, it was eagerly awaited by the community.

From sizing down the cast, recasting, rebuilding the sets, and filming the production, I will intimately follow the process of bringing this musical from the stage to the screens — a remarkable feat only the best of theater companies could accomplish. And though I may be slightly biased, I’m fully confident in my statement that HHS’s Eye of the Storm Productions is the best of the best.

Stay tuned for next month’s issue to see what steps they’re taking to bring this performance to you!