NBA Poems

NBA Poems

Joe Nowak, Sports Editor


As the NBA season momentarily pauses for the All-Star break, it is time to look back upon every team’s first half of the season. While typically sports journalists release their own power-rankings and playoff predictions, I believe it is important to interpret basketball in a way that best translates to the experience the game provides. In no way can that be done other than through poetry.

Western Conference

1. Utah Jazz (28-10)

Utah good again
To the shock of all around
Playoff wins? Maybe

2. Phoenix Suns (25-12)

CP3 and Book
All-star talent translating
Phoenix back baby

3. Los Angeles Lakers (25-13)

The city of champs
LeBron defying his age
Title favorites back

4. Los Angeles Clippers (24-13)

Choked the last playoffs
The Clippers must come up clutch
However… Paul George…

5) Denver Nuggets (22-16)

Joker reaps havoc
Jamal Murray is a dog
Second round exit

6) Portland Trail Blazers (22-16)

If I asked what time
You would have known already
It is again, Dame Time

7) San Antonio Spurs (19-16)

Tim Duncan is gone
Yet Popovich remains strong
A low seed upset?

8) Dallas Mavericks (20-17)

Luka Magic here
Depth on the bench? Not so much
Luka’s year? Not yet


Eastern Conference

1) Philadelphia 76ers (27-12)

Joel MVP
Brett Brown is finally gone
Philly is happy

2) Brooklyn Nets (26-13)

Pseudo All-Star Team
Only shot at beating LeBron
Healthy? Likely not

3) Milwaukee Bucks (24-14)

Giannis carry job
“Fire Bud” chants have erupted
Early exit again

4) Miami Heat (21-18)

Jimmy Buckets back
And Bam still doing damage
Heat can make a run

5) Boston Celtics (20-18)

JT and JB
Wait, Jeff Teague off of the bench?
Two words: Trade Deadline

6) Charlotte Hornets (19-18)

Watching LaMelo Ball play basketball is poetry itself, so this entry is omitted.

7) New York Knicks (20-19)

Relief at MSG
Have not been happy since Melo
Good for New York fans

8) Atlanta Hawks (19-20)

Trae Young’s back must hurt
Making this Hawks team contend
Is a miracle