Lives in Corona

One Family’s Response to COVID

Lives in Corona

Lily Kagle


The Coronavirus disease 2019 is a contagious disease that was confirmed in China and since then has spread worldwide leading to an ongoing pandemic. Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has led to not only shutting buildings down and us being required to wear masks and always carry hand sanitizer with us, but it has also impacted our social lives. COVID has impacted everybody not just physically but mentally as well.

COVID-19 has impacted many people in a variety of ways. It has targeted young kids, adults, teens, maybe even animals. COVID has affected not only school schedules but work schedules and everyday lives, as well. Here, we have some interviews with one family about their school, work, and daily lives since the coming of Coronavirus. Blake Kagle, 13, Kenny Kagle, 54, and Dawn Kagle, 50. Here is what they had to say:


“How was physical health at the beginning?”

“Mentally I was fine but angry” Dawn replies.

“Mentally I was scared, I was angry, and I was protective” Kenny says.

“My mental health was worse, and I was overwhelmed” Blake comments.

“I totally agree.” I commented.

“Have you gained anything from this experience?”

“I have become more germ aware” Dawn answers.

“Yes, I have gained that you should take care of yourself and be more forgiving because life Is to short” Kenny said.

Blake had no answer.

“Have you lost anything from this experience?”

“I have lost the ability to be freer and more time with friends and family, I have not lost anybody, but I know people who got it.” Dawn states

“I have lost time and trust in people” Kenny answers.

“I have lost time with my friends” Blake says.


“What are three words you would use to describe COVID?”

“Inconvenient, annoying, frustrating, scary, tiring.” The three of them describe.


“How was your life before COVID?”

“My life before COVID was busy, free and fun” They all said.


 “What was your idea about COVID at first?”

“My idea about COVID at first was it was nothing worse than the flu and it was scary that something can kill you that you can’t see, and it was stupid.” The three said.


“How are you feeling about COVID now?”

“I am taking it a little more seriously, relieved and sad for the ones that have lost their loved ones.” They all replied.


While this is just one family, it offers a snapshot of the “COVID effect.”

COVID has affected kids in their school life. It has prevented them from seeing their friends and being socially active. It has prevented them from interacting with people. Kids want to go to school more than ever before. COVID is affecting work lives just as bad. People are becoming more stressed than before, and they cannot think with their masks on. They get so angry so easily at anything. COVID has affected everyday life as well. It has affected it so poorly that when we go on a walk, we must bring a mask and hand sanitizer. Then when we come across someone, we can still say hi, and when we touch something, even the smallest thing, we need to use hand sanitizer.


In summary, the Coronavirus has not been the best thing that has ever happened to us and has affected everybody in ways we could not have imagined, but it cannot be reversed. We can’t know if or when COVID will go away, and if our lives will return to what they were before. And yet, while we may not know how things will turn out, we need to hope for the best. That’s something our family is working on.