“Time and Nature”




Zachary Vereen

  • I hear the roar of a cement truck as my neighbor gets his pool redone.
  • I see green grass as I mow the lawn in the beautiful sunshine.
  • I hear birds chirping outside my window as the afternoon sun shines down on them.
  • I see a dark sky as raindrops fall on my windshield.
The grass still grows. (Zachary Vereen)

REFLECTIONS – I know that quarantine is allowing us to do things around our homes that we wouldn’t usually have time for:

– I can tell the grass would grow exponentially if I were not there to cut it.

– Nature is returning to its own element as we are locked away in our houses.

– I can tell the water is refreshing the earth and bringing in new life as it rains.


Joe Nowak

  • Tuesday: A ladybug crawls up a chair on an unusually hot day. It falls down right before getting to the top.
  • Wednesday:T he neighbors have hired someone to cut their lawn for the first time, maybe a sign of their age.
  • Thursday: My brother’s pet guinea pigs whine at the lack of water in their cage, but that’s not really my problem.
  • Friday: A group of kids ride their bikes across an empty neighborhood.  One of them falls, the others help him up.

REFLECTION – These observations chronicle the recognition of time and the eventual obstacles put forth by nature.  We may not all be of the same species but we are truly all the same.


Kyree Blunt

It’s Always Cloudy But Never Clear (Kyree Blunt)

Day 1: A dog barked furiously outside of the brown house next door.

Day 2: The hornet was furiously crawling on the top of the shed.

Day 3: Trees were dancing outside during the rainy night.

Day 4: Rain poured in the morning and it didn’t stop.

REFLECTION – What I have observed describes the odd behavior of life during this crisis. The days have been strange, filled with strange occurrences. It’s as if the world is reacting strangely to the current problem in the world.


Ashley Woody

Day One:

A bird on a tree. Which my small dog barked at.

Day two:

A fly on the stove. My mom tried to kill it.

Day three:

A turtle in the grass. My sister picked it up and took it to the woods.

Day four:

A lizard on the porch. Which my dog tried to eat.

REFLECTION – Nothing very exciting happened throughout the week, just normal things I don’t usually pay attention to.


Jay Wilson

Quarantine Captivity (Jay Wilson)

Day 1: Dogs walking, Time unmoving

Day 2: Clock frozen, days are a routine

Day 3: Silent driveways, quiet neighborhood, chaotic family of five

Day 4: Are you kidding me? My neighbor is literally throwing a party. I can hear the music from across the street, cars fill up their driveway.

OBSERVATION: How much longer will quarantine last?