Is Homework Too Much On Students


By Hannah Miller

Students from Huntingtown High School conclude that the amount of homework assigned can be overbearing. Given our sources of four teachers and two students, we collected opinions and perspectives from the teachers and students of our school.

Two Huntingtown High School students we interviewed were 11th grade student Cheyenne Wilson and 9th grade student Ella Bryant. They both had the same point of view about homework. They concluded that homework doesn’t serve a purpose except for practicing math and grammar in English. Overall, they think that homework shouldn’t be given to students because it’s too much on the students and that it doesn’t really serve many purposes.

Huntingtown High School teachers Nathaniel Orlandi and Jenifer Shoup both had similar opinions about homework. Mr. Orlandi is a 9Th grade English teacher. Ms. Shoup is a 9th, 10th and 11th grade teacher for Honors Biology and Matter and Energy. Both teachers believe that it’s not fair to students that their focus should always be on school. In each of their interviews the teachers indicated that they do believe homework serves a purpose if students allow it to be used for studying and finishing work but, at the same time, they don’t believe that homework should be given to the point where it weighs too much on the students.

The two last teachers we interviewed were Allison Clarke and Richelle White. Mrs. Clarke is a 10th grade Geometry teacher. Mrs. White is a 12th grade English Composition and Rhetoric teacher. Both teachers share the same opinion on homework. They believe that homework can offer useful benefits such as practice for the students to work on their skills. The teachers stated that when the students copy from others and aren’t doing the work themselves it’s only hurting them.

In conclusion, some teachers are all for homework because it’s beneficial and some teachers do not favor homework because they believe that students already have enough on their plates. Giving homework to students seems to be a very debatable topic here at HHS.