Game Of The Week: HHS Homecoming Varsity Football Game


Cameron Kapiskosky

I remember my first time walking into the Huntingtown High School stadium to watch a varsity football game. The atmosphere was incredible, and as a freshman, all I could think of was how wild the student section was going to be. But regardless of whether this is your first or last time attending a game, there is always something about these evenings to enjoy.

The Town was previously able to succeed against Northern in Overtime, only putting them at one loss against Northpoint from the week before. This placed them in the position to capture the SMAC Championship this upcoming week. This will undoubtedly be the truest test of their skill.

This year’s Homecoming Varsity Football game was phenomenal. The student section was packed, the night was cold, and the game was a major blowout. Throughout the game, the crowd was roaring so loud that you could hear it all the way down Route 4.

Teacher John McGuffin was over the speaker in the stadium, announcing the game to all the attendees. From the kickoff, to converting a first down, to scoring a touchdown, he got the crowd “hyped-up” during that energetic night. Games like these have always been exhilarating at Huntingtown, just as they were before Covid. The Football team prevailed and was able to win the SMAC Championship, sweeping away Great Mills with a shocking score of 32-6.

Many spectators have said our team has “state potential,” while others allude to even more ability. Throughout the season, we have had an incredible crowd and an astoundingly supportive fanbase. We are hoping to see more talent in the Varsity Football Team this playoffs season. As a school, we will always stick behind our team to help carry them to the State Championship. And with their record so far, they will without a doubt blow through the playoffs this season.